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Online access to your investments

As well as investing directly in funds through the general investment account, you can also choose either:

  • Stocks & Shares Individual Savings Account (ISA)
  • Junior Stocks & Shares Individual Savings Account (ISA)*

* Please send us an e-mail if you wish to open this account.

Your my Wealth Direct account automatically comes with a client cash account to provide you with investment flexibility.

This pays 0.5% above the Bank of England base rate.

You can select from over 1,500 funds covering:

  • A wide range of asset classes including: Equities, Fixed Income, Property, Cash, Absolute Return and Commodities
  • A large geographic spread of funds from single country to global regions
  • A choice of fund styles to suit all investors
  • Active or Passive fund options
  • Managed solutions for those wanting more delegation

What if i want some help picking my funds?

We appreciate that choosing from a wide range of funds can be confusing. Whilst we cannot pick your investment funds, we will provide you with information to help you make an informed choice, including:

  • Our preferred list of funds by key sectors*
  • Our preferred list of managed solutions offered by fund management firms*

* This will be available in 2014

If you have more complex needs and require bespoke financial planning advice around your investment and tax or estate planning strategy, our advisory service may be right for you.

Contact our personal financial planning team to find out more.

Can I transfer assets?

You may already have assets on an existing platform or with a fund manager and would like to take advantage of our service. If so, there are two potential options available to you:


Re-registration means that you can transfer your existing holdings onto the platform without selling your units. There are three key benefits of re-registration:

  • Existing eligible funds* can be re-registered onto the platform for free!
  • You will not be out of the markets during the transaction as no units are sold.
  • All of your holdings will be in one place helping to reduce your paperwork!

* Ineligible funds are those not available on the platform. These would need to be transferred, requiring the sale of units and a cash transfer to your client account.


In line with other investment platforms, Cofunds cannot at present re-register existing ISAs. However, you can still transfer your ISA. This means you will be selling the underlying funds and transferring the proceeds into a new ISA.

  • On transfer, you retain the tax-free benefits of the ISA
  • It will not affect your contribution allowance for the current tax year
  • If you invest the new ISA into some of the 0% initial charge funds, you will avoid the 0.25% switch charge

Please note this procedure means that you will not be invested until the transfer is completed, which might take several working days.


In all transfer or re-registration cases, we would first need to assess the eligibility of your funds. This is an assessment as to whether the funds can be transferred from an administration capacity; it is not a financial review of your funds.

You can gain access to your funds at any time as there are no penalties for encashment. If you wish to withdraw your funds please email us and we will send you the appropriate form.

Platform Key Information Document*?

*Including the ISA Key Features Document

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