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Online access to your investments

We believe that there are four core strenghs to our proposition that ensure you receive a unique service:

Our intellectual capital

Whilst access to high quality information is not a unique feature; guidance on how to interpret and implement it is invaluable. At Mercer Marsh Benefits, we have a team of experienced specialists with a host of intellectual capital at their disposal, including technical information and data, and a global support network.Please visit our site if you would like to know more about Mercer Marsh Benefits.

Investment research

We have a dedicated in-house research team focused on delivering investment solutions to clients. They draw information from a range of sources, including the Mercer Investment Consulting team, which has 30 years’ experience working with the world's largest institutional investors and a global network of investment professionals and researchers.

Fund manager meetings

Our research team undertake numerous meetings with fund managers each year to assess their capabilities and keep clients informed on fund changes.

Passive vs active management

Our research team believes that quality active managers should outperform over a three-to five-year investment cycle and offer protection in a persistent falling market. However, we also understand that some clients prefer a low-cost option mitigating fund manager risk. Therefore our service offers a compelling range of low-cost index trackers for your consideration.

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